The one where we skipped the bill at a fancy restaurant

So I get it. Paris isn’t exactly know for friendly waiting service. Believe me, I’ve seen it all. Haughty waiters who refuse to speak to you in French, haughty waiters who speak to you in French but adopt a pained expression trying to understand your response, and haughty waiters who seem to be able to perform all of their waiterly duties whilst persistently staring at their shoes, the walls, out the window - anywhere but your helplessly flailing arms.

“What sort of soup is that”? Why the French can’t do small talk

Anglo-saxons have a reputation for mastering the art of small talk, and I for one am no exception to this rule. Put me in a room with strangers and I will start prattling on about the weather, or the delay on the metro, or any other topic that allows me to avoid real meaningful conversation with people I barely know. It has therefore been a difficult lesson for me to learn on arriving in France that French people aren’t really interested in topics of conversation that aren’t really, well.. debatable.

The PIJNTIY “guide” to tickets restaurant

Have you ever been beseeched for money in the metro by a homeless person who mentions that they also accept “ticket restos”? Maybe you’ve seen a Parisian paying for their dinner with a form of currency that resembles a food voucher. Did you ever wonder what the hell this obscure method of payment is? Allow me to introduce you to Tickets Restaurant - affectionately dubbed Tickets Resto - a system that is perhaps even more obscure than the Google algorithm.