Salut, my name is Candice.

When I moved to Paris in 2016, I imagined that everything was going to be just like the movies. I would lead a glamorous lifestyle sipping cocktails on rooftop balconies, dressed in outfits from the latest Marais designer,  while chatting in flawless French with a different — yet equally cute — Parisien each night. 

Hélas, this is not how things turned out. Instead, what followed was a series of comical misadventures in nearly every aspect of my life: work, friendships, real estate!… After 12 months in Paris, I was confronted with the possibility that, as much as I loved Paris, Paris didn’t love me. I was forced to consider that Paris was just not that into me.

Faced with the decision between staying and going, I decided to defy the moral of the 2009 film, and stick it out in the city that captivates and inspires me despite it all. Paris is just not that into you is a chronicle of the everyday struggles involved in expat life in Paris, as well as the moments that make it all worthwhile. 

Bisous xx.